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3 Cs of Digital Media Community, Conversations and Creatives:

CGS Digital Media Agency works at the forefront of the evolving ‘mediascape’, analyzing how economic and technological trends are both shifting power across the value chain and affecting the relative attractiveness of different business and revenue models.

We assist our clients in developing business strategies and the implementation of new products and services to harness the changing environment; we help to identify and prioritize commercial objectives and to develop cross-platform digital media strategies; we work with clients to identify partners and manage digital media platform development as well as launch and post launch activities.

The sole objective of the organization competency is to assist in that process – to help organizations use communications media and information technology to achieve their goals. While technology is not a magic bullet for solving all of an organization’s problems, it is increasingly becoming a vital tool in the organizational repertoire to achieve the larger organization objectives.

CGS Digital Media Agency provides end to end digital marketing and advertising solutions. What does this mean?
It means that the guys at CGS can help provide you with business, marketing and advertising solutions on the Internet to, say:

  • Launch a website
  • Promote a new product online
  • Retain customers and employees
  • Save money on online advertising
  • Use Orkut, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter

However, that’s a very crude way to put our work. CGS is much more than that, it is in words of the new age marketers a tribe of people, who believe that the future of marketing lies in integrated practices and better branding. That branding is going to be where and how you interact with people, and that brand identity is the identity of the members of communities that you build.

And that defines our actual services, the way we see it and the way online marketing should happen:

Integrated Community Solutions
For lack of a better name, however the idea here is an extension of the three images that you might have seen rotating on our home page. Integrated community solutions is our custom web marketing and advertising solution. Here, it is not the tool but the problem at hand and the solution pursued that takes center stage. It stretches right from research to execution. We put home grown listening tools to trained communication folks to set right what’s gone wrong with your marketing and promotion pursuit ..digitally.
At the centre of all this is our belief in the fact that all problems can be solved by talking at the right time to the right people. Consider our integrated community solutions as the way to make this happen online. CGS essentially uses digital media to keep the whole process of gratifying a marketing problem effective, optimized and digital.
Conversations and Creatives
Our next set of services is more measured and provided to work closely with brand managers and agencies who have a specific requirement on the web. Propagating the idea of collaboration we present conversation and creative services online:
Conversation Services

Conversation services is copywriting with a new media twist. As we move towards a more engaging and solution driven form of media, the best copies won’t be written to remember, but to be shared. With Social Media this idea of communication and advertising is only more evident. And therefore our conversation services (an offshoot of the idea of conversational marketing).

  • With our conversation services we help brands and agencies in:
  • Creating managing SNS profiles and communities
  • Manage and build conversations on Microblogs
  • Post and promote (social bookmarking i.e.) blog content
  • Tracking and monitoring conversation

Any design and development work on digital media forms part of our creative service. Essentially any web advertising touch point that requires user friendliness, conversions but more importantly an undeniable appeal form part of this set of service. Like much of our business even creatives solutions are strung together with the idea that any copy of text or design on the web has to extend the conversation and enable access to information. Our creative services are:

  • Microsite and blog Design
  • Ad banner designs
  • Videos and Animations
  • Landing Page Design
  • Newsletter and mailer designs

Digital Media Campaign – 4 Components of Winning Strategy:

Digital presence is in a state of flux where business are reevaluating and revamping their online properties. Emphasis is on creating holistic digital plans where every component augments one another to achieve business goals efficiently. We are Digital Media Services Company that works for enhancing the customer value across the digital value chain be it mobile, internet, or any user touch point where brand experience needs digital solace.

Our service offering comprises digital strategy, planning, web design, web development, content management and digital media asset management solution. We are open source technology focused company with association-of-partners (AOP) committed to deliver the cutting edge solutions and services to meet the client requirement and expectation.

Concept Ideation
Systematic approach towards developing an idea into the product or service that enriches the experience of customer in market, ascertains the acceptability and profitability. The process of discovering the product, market and high value features through Idea Innovation Process help you deliver better product and service
Digital Strategy and Planning
Digital innovations are ever evolving and we at CGS Digital Media Agency believe that the digital strategy and planning efforts should help leverage the benefits through informational and transactional aspect of the digital applications, interactivity, convergence and social capabilities. CGS Digital Media Agency works with customer to guide all online management decisions and ensures that your online tactics align with organizational goals and brand strategy. We believe that effectively developed strategy and planning effort helps increase organization’s ability to reach business growth, success and brand recognition.
Web Design
For most web design house, the intimidating part of design process begin with getting started, we at CGS Digital Media Agency approach web designing based on sound strategies and knowledge from our research and discovery process. With help of our AOP (Association of Partners) program, we attract and consult some of the best mind for developing user experience and web design.
Web Development
Evolving web software paradigm fueled by the need of integration and extensibility nature across the social publishing and social networks, it’s important that web software development meets completeness yet provide a flexible architecture for accommodate market dynamics.

Emerging Media Services:

We have successfully delivered full digitial strategy, online campaigns, interactive user experiences, world class web sites, bespoke apps, virals, SEO & SEM, videos and interactive demos on time and on budget for clients within the following industry sectors;

  • Media
  • TV, Music & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • ISP’S & Telcos
  • Event & Conference Organisers
  • Online Auctions
  • Software
  • Social Networks
  • Healthcare
  • Financial | Hedge Funds
  • Courier & Logistics
  • NGO’s & Charities
Digital & Interactive
  • Web site design
  • User experience interaction design
  • E-commerce architecture
  • Content management systems
  • Flash (games, animations, apps)
  • Online broadcast integration
  • Online video content production
  • Online software (Flash, C#,.NET, PHP)
  • Interactive video demos
  • Interactive Advertising
  • Mobile apps
Digital Marketing
  • Online media planning
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Viral videos
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Launch Micro sites and blogs
  • Advertising (Online, TV, Press, Radio)
  • Corporate communications and Events
Integrated Interactive Consultants
  • 360 Degree Interactive Consultancy
  • Business Transformation Consultancy

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