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Daily Earnings
The FBO's Daily Wall Update Service
With solid research, interesting and informative wall updates which you happen to place twenty-four seven each day of the week you can toss aside finding interesting information to update your fanpage. FBO will feed your fanpage with the techniques that are outlined. With as little as 25- characters you can create a well constructed update on the current trends of your niche posted directly to your Facebook fanpage wall. You will want to post throughout the day and take advantage of time intervals- making them idea.
  Order Daily Earnings– Facebook Wall Updates Daily
Daily Earnings with Daily Facebook Wall Updates - Create 60 Wall Updates in 20 Days
Research in order to create topics that are newsworthy
Create content that is unique and formatted in a style that will grab the attention of
    other Facebook users
Post updates around the clock
Manual wall posts that are 100$
Place images wherever possible
  Service Code : DFWALLUP
Rate : $50
60 Wall updates in 20 Days (Daily 3) ($50)
100 Wall updates in 20 Days (Daily 5) ($95)
200 Wall updates in 20 Days (Daily 10) ($180)
Regular Informative Wall Updates To Create Your Facebook Promotion
Your posts are part of your Facebook promotion success. In order to grab the attention of your targeted audience, it is vital that you post interesting, informative and most of al newsworthy wall updates throughout the day. You may be asking yourself, how do I do this tremendous amount of research to post throughout the day? The answer is making it a priority. Time is valuable and when used properly creates success. This is why it is vital to have a Facebook expert ensure your updates round the clock.
24/7 Research
Grabbing the attention of your targeted audience takes necessary steps…it means becoming a master in your niche. This is achieved with 24/7 postings where your following knows they can go to you because you are the expert. While this means a tremendous amount of time involved, you don’t have to give up anything with the full time researchers of FBO ready and willing to help you. Our researchers are skilled in every niche and know the highest priority of information that is out there, making your fanpage successful.
Content Means Everything
Without well created content your postings are useless. At FBO we have the strategy for your success with the highest skilled writers in the industry. When combined with informative information you have a winning post. Conversion begins to happen and you build not only a following but fans as well.
Goodbye Bots
With the world constantly changing information is constantly changing. While there are many who claim that they can make your Facebook promotion worry free with successful updates remember that grabbing something to post round the clock doesn’t always mean success. This could lead to your Facebook fanpage being loaded with junk. Real manual Facebook promotion means Good Bye to the bots and a pathway to success.
With daily posts to your Facebook fanpage success happens. Prepare for increased sales and a wonderful awareness of your brand. Traffic will flow like never before.
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