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Opinions do matter – Discussions and Polls for your Fanpage
Now that your Facebook Fanpage is ready and packed with blogs, a funky landing page and regular updates, you are bound to expect a surge in the frequency of fans. That’s great! But are they impressed enough to revisit your website? We will save you the trouble and keep them engaged and hooked onto the Fanpage so that will leave them hungry for more.
A controversial topic and dark discussions could develop interest form your visitors and would encourage them to leave their comments on your Facebook Fanpage. “Your Opinion” will enable you to initiate engaging discussions that compliment follow-ups on your Fanpage. Heated debates can be cooled down with customized polls too.
Order “Your Opinion” and be proud to have the following benefits :
Writing – Keyword rich high quality articles (450-500 words)
Topics are started only after extensive research on current market trends
Every discussion will have a catchy startup that captivates the readers the minute they start
reading it
Follow up response for one month (Minimum 5 per discussion) is provided as well
An assurance of a guaranteed response to your discussion. Get a minimum of 5 or you can
have your money back
All discussion supported by polls
Service Code : FBPOLL
Rate: $35 10 Discussions in 20 days
$65 20 Discussions in 20 days
Kindly contact us for customized quotes
Keep Things Interesting
Interest is the prime reason that fans return to the website. Returning fans are equally important than gathering them. Do you realize that there are other way to keep your fans interested instead of just regular updates and sharing links? Have you considered asking them for their opinions? It’s that simple!
The more you know about their likes, their dislikes, what they would like to see, etc. higher are the chances of you keeping them interested and engaged. Polls are an indispensable way to get your fans opinions. They have been used ever since the Stone Age. Polls and discussions not only interest fans but also get them involved in the conversation as well. New or returning, all fans will have a reason to visit your Facebook Fanpage.
Get family and friends to visit your Fanpage everyday
Check emails and then notifications from Facebook. This is the general behavior of a common internet surfer. Avid Facebook fans can miss their meal but never fail to miss their notifications. It is the first thing to catch their eye on Facebook. Now, how would you feel if your fans checked your Fanpage everyday ?
Discussions are great to develop interest and the moment your start one, all you fans are notified. The more controversial a discussion, the better are the chances for them to participate in it. The participation of your friends will be noticed by their friends and friends of their. This is the wonder of social networking.
More than Simply Starting a Discussion
We understand that nothing good will come up by merely starting a discussion. Our team ensures that every discussion will go on as long as we can. We will think of follow ups to responses to keep your fans continuously entertained.
For those fans who barely have time on their hands can always participate in simple polls that accompany each discussion.
Don’t give you fans something out of the box. Give us a chance to expand the boundaries to grasp their attention to your Facebook Fanpage. You won’t regret it.
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