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FB Blogging
Daily Notes Blogging on Facebook
Blogging has been a strategy for marketers for years. It is successful for one reason, it attracts people. However, you must blog properly. It has to be in your Facebook fanpage to be successful.
  FBO Facebook Optimization makes the process simple by connecting your existing blog with your Facebook fanpage which automatically posts to your fanpage. With daily fresh posts included, you become a Facebook success.
Blog @ FB Daily Facebook Blogging - 20 Facebook Blog Posts in 20 Days
Setup of Facebook Blog
Research and gathering of topics for ideal daily postings
Daily blogs (250 to 300) words created by our expert bloggers
Images posted to your Facebook blog with links directing to your website
Connecting your existing blog with your Facebook blog to generate automatic updates
Contact us to get a custom quote for number of Blog Posts over a certain period of your choice
  Service Code : FBBLOG
Rate : $99
20 Facebook Blog Posts in 20 Days ($99)
40 Facebook Blog Posts in 20 Days ($175)
60 Facebook Blog Posts in 20 Days ($240)
Have Your Blog Right Where it Needs to Be
Social media has brought marketers to their finest. Posting daily where large groups of people gather such as Facebook means success. Many marketers are still questioning how to blog on Facebook. With FBO everything is taken care of and daily postings and research are handled by our experts.
Spread Your Blog Posts Like Lightening
Generating a following will occur quickly with regular postings of interesting and informative information on your fanpage. Your network of friends will grow rapidly with well researched information created in social media styled writing. The aspect of the human touch will lead to strong relationships and is the best building strategy imaginable. This is a lucrative networking medium. Blogging is just the beginning and addition social media promotional strategies as well. FBO creates the content and posts and when you have enough interesting and informative information on your Facebook blog FBO will distribute the RSS feed to the top 10 RSS feed directories generating a list of subscribers.
Blog postings to your Facebook blog is not the only thing we will provide. We will also create short teasers of fresh blog posts that we send to 10 other social media spots. What is achieved is hitting multiple bull’s eyes with a single shot.
Start Blogging on Facebook and Take Advantage of the Promotional Opportunity of the Current
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