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Create Sales Directly from your Facebook Fanpage
Have you been pondering the idea of how to get viewers to be interested in your fanpage and to purchase from your e-commerce website? FB-commerce makes gives you the ability to sell your products directly through your fanpage. We design and construct your own e-commerce store on your Facebook fanpage to generate sales through Facebook.
Order Facebook Ecommerce Store Setup
Facebook Ecommerce Store Setup
Design and construct a complete E-commerce store within your fanpage (Sample)
Design a custom header for your store
Creation of interesting, informative content (250 to 300 words) to welcome visitors
Addition of 10 or less products/services to your FB fanpage store (to add more than 10
products purchase the FBCommerce Maintenance additionally)
Category creation and products listed properly
Product titles, tags and descriptions written
Edit of products free for one month
Creation of product images and thumbnails
Integration of Paypal for direct sales through your FB store
  Service Code: FBLAND
Rate : $75
E-commerce Store to FB - Commerce Store
Have the advantage over your competitors and generate direct sales and gain new customers with your FB commerce pate. At FBO we will construct your own FB store where you can sell your products directly through FB eliminating the tedious interruption of your fans to ask them to visit your website in order to purchase. Bottom line? We can create an FBCommerce Store from your E-Commerce Store.
Direct Sales, Direct Revenue
It is a complicated process to build popularity and credibility in FB and generate traffic to your E-commerce store. Now imagine the simple process of having your online store built into your Facebook fanpage and generating sales directly and earning direct revenue. FBO can set up your own store. With this strategy you will be creating the expansion that you desire with new customers and sales through social media.
Order Facebook Ecommerce Product Addition
Note : Order Product addition only if you have the FBcommerce store setup through The FBO already
Construct your Facebook e-commerce store with all the products that you carry to create direct sales
Features up to six products
Product titles, tags and descriptions
Creation of product images and thumbnails
Creation of categories and listing of products
Free product edits for a month
Contact us to get a custom quote for number of product addition of your choice
Service Code: FBECOMPA
Rate : $15
10 Products ($15)
25 Products ($30)
50 Products ($55)
100 Products ($99)
Comments, Reviews and Communication - Leveraging the Power
A secret to success with your ecommerce store promotion is user reviews and comments. With Fbcommerce it is a breeze to get users to review your products. As you build a rapport on Facebook you will gather fans and expansion of your company will begin. With visibility comes success.
Customized Facebook Storefront Based On your Business Theme
At FBO we realize that in order to gain the attention of Facebook users your store needs to feature all the stops that appeal. With our customization of your Facebook store we can capture the attention of Facebook users. You store becomes recognized and you prepare for success. With a unique storefront on your Facebook fanpage you get the attention. FBO customizes everything for you from the header image to the snippets of each product.
If you desire success, wait no longer. We are ready to start today and get you those sales you’ve been desiring.
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