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F-Site Creation
Construction and Maintenance of Your Complete Facebook Fansite
FBO has added the name of F-Site to your Facebook FanSites to give it that extra coolness! Are you imagining what your F-Site will look like? The how about taking a short tour of some f our uniquely customized F=Sites and pick back up here after to learn more about it.
  Impressed? Well, imagine what we can do for you! We have the tools and the know how and there won’t be anything but exciting text and a creative design. Facebook promotion is vital for a company and we know how to achieve this promotion and create the very best F-Sites.
Order Complete Facebook Fanpage Creation
Complete F-Site Facebook Fanpage Construction and Maintenance for A Month
Creation of a custom landing page based on our promos and discounts (3 revisions)
Three custom landing page updates
Daily two well researched and written wall posts to the fanpages (20 days)
F-Site Blog Posts - 10 in 20 days
Weekly polls and discussions
Guaranteed targeted fans - 50 in 20 days
Additional SEO Promotion - 75 do follow social bookmarking and 10 RSS Feed submissions
Custom fanpage URL eligibility achievement in 10 days
E-commerce store setup in your fanpage with addition of 10 products**
Contact us to get a custom quote for complete F-Site Maintenance
  Service Code: FBFSITE
Rate : $350
I just need the maintenance (- $100)
I don’t need ecommerce store setup or product addition (- $60)
Webites are Old School
With the innovation of the Internet the business world quickly jumped on board. Every marketer realized the importance of having a webiste. Websites today are not as vital as they once were. Within Social Media, the new craze is Facebook Fansites. Everyone looking for a business expects them to be on Facebook.
Alien, Confused or a Expert Marketer ?
The revolution of websites to Facebook business fansites has been remarkable. Large companies such as Coca Cola have proven the success of the F-Site. The F-Sites become places that with social networking generates a following of loyal customers, clients and fans in very little time. However, it must be constructed and promoted properly to have the affect to create the buzz. Facebook is different than any other place to advertise on the Internet- which often times confuses marketers. At FBO we are the experts that know the world of business promotion on Facebook and we are the ones that will generate the buzz for your company. While your business is the master of the niche your business competitors are confused Aliens of how you have made it to the top of the Facebook world.
Alien, Confused or a Expert Marketer ?
It can be an awkward situation to direct viewers of your Facebook Fanpage to your website in order for them to place orders. With FBO we take that awkward situation and turn it into a winning one with integrating sales directly to your Facebook fanpage. With our package everything is right on your F-Site and sales can be made directly through your site. No more having visitors run all over the next to get the sale! FBO will do the work from the construction to the spreading of the word through conventional Internet marketing. And, the picture is set!
Too Little Time ?
Take a fast look of an F-Site Creation benefits
Custom creation of your Facebook Fansite (Fanpage) and maintenance
Custom themes created just for your site as per your request
Construction of your store stetup on your F-Site to generate direct sales eliminating the need
to direct traffic to your website.
Regular wall updates eliminating the maintenance of blogging.
Guaranteed XX targeted fans for you F-Site
Proven SEO strategies for the promotion of your F-Site such as social bookmarking and RSS
Feed submission.
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