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At CGS Digital Media Agency, we specialize in expressing & rejuvenating creative ideas with new media digital communications powered by interactive technology.

Modern business have portfolios which can include a number of digital properties including, web sites, micro sites, ecommerce, portals, mobile apps, blogs, forums, intranets, CRM and other online applications. CGS Digital Media provides its clients with a 360 degree fully integrated, interactive design, build and marketing approach across all their brand communications and marketing channels.

Communications is all part of a days' work here. We are given problems to solve, and our team of experts translates them into solutions. The flexibility of our approach allows us to advice on what is right for you and your brand, unconfined by technology or preconception. So whether you want to grow sales, extend your brand online, get to know your customers better, or just save on servicing, we've got a team with the best experience and expertise to help you achieve your potential.

Our services range from designing, building, and hosting bespoke and gorgeous websites that really work online, to creating beautifully crafted email and viral campaigns that get your brand talked about, and of course, e-commerce sites, mobile applications, search engine optimization, and much more.

We know that each and every project we take on will have one thing in common - it will follow our strict project process map which has been developed and refined over the years to ensure our clients get the best service and results possible from their investment.

By paying attention to the finest of details and having the skills and experience of a world class team to call on, it's easy to understand why we were nominated and subsequently won many awards⵴ you don't have to take our word for it, visit a few of our clients sites and you'll see that our work really does speak for itself.

As digital specialists, our promise is to drive long term customer value through consistent innovation and rigorous optimization, founded on an acute understanding of digital consumer behaviour and the customer journey.

We have a team of over 80 highly passionate specialists across multiple digital channels, from Search to Social Media; working together to create truly integrated online campaigns that support all marketing needs ⲡnding, acquisition, retention and customer loyalty.

Our heritage is in media, but today we have evolved to provide an end-to end service across all stages of the digital journey beyond advertising alone ᬬ supported by a market leading analytics team to optimize campaign performance and drive real customer value.

We work with major brands and public sector clients on strategy and execution of campaigns, websites and social media. If you have a digital challenge you'd like help with then we'd love to hear from you, just click here to drop us a line.

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