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Media Planning and Buying:

CGS Digital Media Agency’s principle areas of activity are in the fields of planning and buying across all media including: press, radio, television, outdoor and cinema for a range of both B2B and B2C clients. We specialise in effectively understanding our clients’ businesses and their objectives; combining great service, independent advice and tailored media strategies and executions to ensure they best reach their consumers.

We have developed areas of specialist strength across the agency to enable us to best provide our clients with a fully integrated media service.

Media Planning and Buying
CGS Digital Media Agency is an independent media planning and buying agency with the capacity to provide brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition and launch strategies. At CGS Digital Media Agency we believe that excellent media planning and buying is not just a matter of money, response and analysis.

We take great care in planning our clients campaigns. By identifying the people they should be talking to and tracking their media behaviour we can relate the best combination of media to reach them. We use a variety of media resources to tell you what they're reading, listening to, looking at and what your competitors are doing to reach them.

Our expertise in providing mixed media solutions which combine both offline and online media ensures all media is used to its full advantage to drive interest in our client’s brands.

We also understand that a good relationship with media owners can make all the difference when it comes to our clients. Regular meetings with media owners in press, TV, posters, radio, cinema and online give us a deep understanding of new developments and opportunities that we can offer our advertisers.

All our staff are trained to get the best deals for our clients and use targeted bespoke planning and buying solutions to provide clients with the best coverage for the least spend.
Regional Media
CGS Digital Media Agency employ regional media strategists who are experts in the B2B and B2C markets. We specialise in being able to amalgamate regional and national planning and buying accounts in order to let them operate as one, saving clients time and money.

We are experienced at working with local marking departments, utilising our knowledge and analysis of local media coupled with their local knowledge and experience, to produce strategically sound media plans for them.

Whether clients are looking at regional test markets, up weighting specific areas, or incorporating regional strategies into their overall plans we are able to help.

Our primary regional media services are underpinned by extensive research resources and systems designed to optimise response to online and offline activity. Having made a heavy investment in our resources, CGS Digital Media Agency is at the cutting edge of media research and uses medium-specific tools to measure and track your target groups' media behaviour.

Digital Media Planning and Buying Services

We understand the role that digital and online media have to play in today’s media world. Our teams are experts at understanding the online consumer and guiding and influencing them in their decision making process. We think it is vital that all of our planners incorporate online media planning and buying at the core of their clients’ business.

We deliver cohesive advertising strategies that incorporate all media in the correct combinations to provide effective solutions in reaching the target audience. By optimising campaigns we can ensure that you receive maximum media value.

We offer a complete in–house SEM (Search Engine Marketing) facility. Managing campaigns from set up and keyword generation through to constant optimisation. Our GAP qualified team have over 10 years of experience in this area. We also run thorough SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) campaigns for our clients analysing current performance, competitive analysis and site critiques.

CGS Digital Media Agency also perform a wide range of additional online media services, including:
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online sponsorship
  • Interactive TV
  • Video Advertisin
Fundraising Media
CGS Digital Media Agency Charities & Campaigning Organisations offers a wide ranging variety of services to non-profit organisations within the UK and Republic of Ireland. Understanding your business and increasing your profile are the starting points of our partnership with you. However we also understand the need for responsive ads that do more than pay for themselves whilst raising brand awareness at the same time. Our aptitude in these areas, that are outside the conventional skill sets, make us an agency with a difference. We provide all of the following media services:
Emergency campaigns:
We have demonstrated a 48-hour turn around to appearance on terrestrial news breaks with bespoke 30-second commercials from our creative partners. We are the only buyers achieving this as part of a multi-media campaign in both the UK and Republic of Ireland. For example during the recent UK floods in the summer of 2007, CGS Digital Media Agency Charities & Campaigning Organisations managed to rapidly react to and turn around a flood appeal for the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS). The appeal was immensely successful and achieved a ROI of over 7:1.
  • Media Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Brand Response
  • ANSWERS Response Analysis
  • Return on Investment Programme Analysis Off and Online
Innovative Content Development:
Advertiser Funded Programmes: NSPCC Raw Cuts (2006) and Raw Cuts ID (2008). See our Case studies
  • Media Testing Construction
  • Channel Viability
Confidential Benchmarking
  • Introduction to Direct Response Media
  • Full Media Training for Charity Personnel
International Media
CGS Digital Media Agency specialises in providing coherent global planning and buying services for advertisers with international budgets who are looking for a successful marketing strategy across pan regional markets sectors.
We have a proven track record of delivering a professional service and better value to our international clients no matter what media is used.
Our range of international services includes:
  • Strategic media planning and implementation
  • Pan-regional media buying
  • Market data analysis
  • Competitive activity analysis
  • Media Account Management - working with centralised marketing departments or individual country managers if required

Getting you in touch with your multinational customers efficiently and effectively is the service we deliver.

Strategic Planning
CGS Digital Media Agency work with both B2B and B2C advertisers to develop a complete understanding of not only our clients’ brands and objectives but also their markets and deeper target audiences. By gaining insights into the consumer behaviour of key target groups, we can then use this information to develop media strategies which can be applied across all activity and determines how media is utilised, providing you with an over-arching media strategy which will enable individual campaigns to deliver more effectively on overall objectives.

We specialise in identifying key themes across wider industry markets; such as trends in the way audiences are currently consuming and responding to advertising campaigns, and providing specific strategic recommendations to shape the focus of your media campaigns. This could be by identifying new opportunities, re-evaluating your current target audiences or just communicating differently with crucial sections of them.

Our range of strategic services includes:
  • Strategic Reviews
  • Research
  • Market Overview
  • Project Work
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis

Our primary services are underpinned by extensive research resources and systems designed to optimise response to all media activity ensuring we put you in front of your customers quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Our Services
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