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SEO + FBO = Desired Promotional Results
Expert marketers will confirm that Facebook has become a SEO advantage. At FBO we know that when combined with Search Engine Optimization Facebook promotion can bring a TREMENDOUS advantage. Have you considered the possibility of maximizing the credibility of your brand by bringing online surfers to your Facebook F-Site. An entire new audience opens up. Now is the time to gather the information you need to make your Facebook promotion as easy and effective as possible. With the help of some proven conventional search engine optimization strategies you can combine the perfect blend and have great results. strategies that can form a perfect blend with Facebook promotional stratagem.
Our Award Winning Combination Expertise in SEO for Six Plus Years
We at FBO are experts in conventional SEO strategy. With a well constructed plan of strategy we have achieved success for companies. The combination of search engine optimization and Facebook promotion is winning. SEO and FBO are a deadly combination when tapped into. There are numerous SEO services on the market today and the combination of these companies with Facebook promotion will have amazing results. You will be amazed with your Facebook optimization that will expand your business a tremendous amount.
What is Your SmartFBO?
Facebook Do-follow bookmarking
Facebook Article Marketing
Facebook Event News Releases
All as a package 20% discount
Need an advanced SEO plan for your facebook fanpage? Contact us for a package deal.
FB RSS Feed Distribution
It has been proven that results occur with RSS Feed distribution. This is an SEO strategy that is an advantage. Subscribers are attracted to your submission and subscribe for more news and posts. With Facebook wall updates your subscribers. You will generate more fans to your FB Fanpage as you gain more subscribers to you wall updates and your company will thrive.
Submission of your Facebook fanpage RSS feed to 50 top ranked RSS Feed directories
Receive detailed completion report with screenshots of every submission
RSS Feed submission 100% manual to directories for maximum approval of the listings
Order Facebook Article Marketing
It comes as no surprise that Article Marketing is the heart and soul of promotion. All marketers need to spur up high quality content to keep things interesting. Our team believes in well balanced servings of various SEO services to make your articles more popular at Facebook. This in turn would attract an increasing number of Facebook fans within a lesser amount of time.
Our Article Marketing service includes the following :
Writing – Keyword rich high quality articles (450-500 words)
Submission – All articles will be submitted to twenty-five of the best article directories, each
having at least 3 back links to your Facebook fan page
Added services – To leave no stone unturned, article descriptions are further posted on
some of the best document sharing and social media sites e.g. Scribd, Docstoc, YouTube, Twitter, etc. which not only links back to your Facebook fan page but also to those articles proudly sitting at the article directories.
Service Code : FBARTMARK
Rate : $39
Facebook Press Release Promotion
You have a Fan site in place and are now looking for a way for your business to known reach the target audience and build customer relationship. You should consider kick starting your campaign with press releases that are submitted to all the major PR directories and the internets leading news sources.
Don’t waste your advertising dollars on a message that gets lost on people who aren’t interested. We provide and one-in-a-million promotion strategy that gets your press releases indexed on major sites similar to Google and Bing. You got that right! We will handle the promotion, bookmarking and sharing of your press releases. We have it all covered.
We start of with well researched (newsworthy) articles and then submit the press release to the best free press release directories. To increase your marketing aura, the headlines will be distributed to major document sharing sites e.g. Scribd, Docstore, etc. headlines will be back linked to your Fan page and press releases at the directories.
Service Code : FBPRPRO
Rate : $55
Facebook Do-follow Bookmarking
Link building matters a lot. Do-follow bookmarking will improve your SERP’s and keyword rankings of your Facebook fan pages and will be indexed very quickly by major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The process involves bookmarking your Fan page on select social sites, a strategy that is bound to increase page ranking.
We take great care to ensure that all bookmarks are made from the different accounts we own to make it give it a more organic feel to it. Since all bookmarks are manually done, there is a higher chance that your bookmarks will be approved. There are 150 Social do-follow bookmarking directories that we have exclusively hand picked for optimal exposure. We provide detailed reports which contain direct links to the bookmarks.
Service Code : FBDOFOLLOW
Rate : $43
Facebook RSS Feed Distribution
“Really Simple Syndication” or RSS as we know it is a popular feed format used to publish updated work on a website. We increase the standing of your Facebook Fanpage by publishing your RSS feeds to a great lineup of RSS feed directories.
This will automatically attract more subscribers’ whist having greater visibility on the fan page in search results of major search engines.
What to expect ?
RSS feed submission to 75 bookmarking directories
An outstanding approval rate since all bookmarks will be done manually
Detailed analysis of each submission.
Service Code : FBRSSFEED
Rate : $20
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