Actually having an online identity is not limited to building a web site or uploading a resume to show off your qualifications. Your business and yourself need a face; the identity of a Facebook account linked to your online activities.

Established in 2004, Facebook is a social networking site that hit over 900 million users in the first half of 2012, half of which are connected from mobile devices. Figure that makes of this service the most popular of all the social networking sites.

Having a Facebook account is important from any side you look at it. For a business with an established web site, Social Media Optimization (SMO) may drive better results than SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by itself because Facebook pages are being indexed and cached by Google, helping sites to attain better rankings.
And promoting your business on Facebook is not a rocket science. Opening an account is very easy and, despite Facebook request to link a business account to a personal account, this requisite is not mandatory to start with. At the bottom of the registration form in Facebook’s main page, people is given with the alternative to register a business, organization or fan page instead.
Having a page on Facebook may benefit your business in many ways, including.
Building a brand, and monetize your products or services easily
Gain access to geo-targeting tools to aim specific user groups
Generate leads and new clients, while retaining actual clients
In addition, Facebook is a truly viral service that needs to be used with a good strategy in mind because whatever you post on your page will be quickly spread by your fans as a word-of-mouth advertising that may benefit or ruin your marketing plans.

Posting updates, information, promotions, or simply starting a conversation to get people submitting feedback and engaging in discussion with other fans, are all of them good ways to start building a loyal fan database for your business success, so go and try it now

You can achieve significant recognition & respect by developing & marketing your video on Internet video sharing sites in general and youtube in particular.
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