Mid-Day Clipping Captures Moment In CGS Infotech SEO Services History

In this very brief media clipping from Times of India in 2000, the publication announces the creation of this company’s Internet marketing division and the launch of an informative e-zine. This clip proves the longevity of CGS Infotech and its predecessors and helps readers understand howinnovative this company is. Great results are available for any company that chooses to work with CGS Infotech.

In this short but informative media clipping from the Times of India dated in 2000, the publication announced that Cyberweb, a predecessor of CGS Infotech, has launched an Internet Marketing Division and an informative e-zine — which would now simply be called an email newsletter — that explains Internet software, the latest technology solutions and more.

While there may not immediately appear to be any use in reading an old newspaper clipping about our company, it shows that this company has long been an innovator and key player in the search engine optimization and Internet marketing industry, offering innovative and useful services at affordable prices.

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