Mid-Day Clipping Captures Moment In CGS Infotech SEO Services History

In this short clipping from Mumbai’s Mid-Day publication, a new service launched by CGS Infotech is being announced. The service is an early electronic promotions offering of CGS Infotech and serves to convey just how long this company has been in business and serving clients’ promotional needs. Today, great service is available for clients in every industry and no matter how much of a website presence you have already.

In a brief announcement published July 31, 2000 in Mid-Day, a publication that covers Mumbai, the publication is announcing electronic promotional services offered by one of the predecessors of CGS Infotech. The Mid-Day clipping shows how long this company has been successfully serving the search engine optimization and Internet marketing needs of companies of all types.

Specifically, the announcement is about Cyber Global Services and the then-new E-Promote service that offered email services, ezine services and many other things with names that now seem dated. Still, similar search engine marketing and Internet marketing services are still being offered by CGS Infotech and are still getting good results for clients of all types.

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This smart decision will serve you and your company well for years to come. You’ll see greater traffic to your site because of better search engine placement. From this, you can get more leads and eventually more revenue, something any business would be pleased to have.