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Domain, Web-Hosting & Email-Hosting Support - India: + 91-99696-82336.
Search Engine Optimization, Digital Brand Building - India: +91-86525-22291.
UAE-Dubai - All Services: +971-55-6958767
USA-Canada: 302-351-2434
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Get CGS Infotech’s Strategic Investment In Growing Your Business

If you wish to sell your web-hosting, domain name registration, website design, digital marketing or any other technology business, CGS Group would be the best buyer for your business.

Key Benefits Of Approaching CGS Group:

  • We started business in 1995. We have bought 10 businesses from countries around the world. We currently serve 10,000 domain, hosting customers in 40 countries.
  • We have an active partnership with Google, Godaddy and several other leading domain/hosting industry players. We have a team of 100 people with proven expertise in server management, design, digital marketing, WHCMS, accounting, billing and customer services.
  • We are debt-free, profit-making, cash rich company with immediately available cash resources to close the deal. If you are a broker or a consultant, we will pay you anywhere from 0.5 % to 5 % as referral commission for the deals you refer.
  • We have all documentation in place to successfully complete the deal. We can sign Non-Disclosure Agreement, Letter of Intent and Asset Purchase Agreement to complete any transaction.
  • We have proven valuation model. We are fair, generous and quick in valuing business. We have standard due diligence process. We protect your privacy.
  • Using our own resources, we can buy any business with requires investment of US $ 1 million. If you have any bigger but promising business, we can raise additional resources through our partner and buy any business with investment ranging from US $ 10 million to US $ 25 million.
  • We have proven post-acquisition process to manage businesses we buy. Your customers will experience the highest level of care, commitment and peace of mind when they Interact with our experienced team members.
  • We have offices in India, United States, Canada and Dubai to take-care of customers around the world.
  • If you wish to retain control of your business and you just need strategic investment, we can consider that option as well !

Business Owner's Testimonials:

Business Owner - Cycom Technologies
Business Owner - Spur Technologies
Business Owner - S D Motion Graphics

Next Steps:

  • 1). Watch our Business Valuation & Business Sale Process video to fully understand our methodology. Carefully read business owner’s testimonial given above.
  • 2). Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your business information and data.
  • 3). Send us your last 3-years financial statements, bank statements, vendor payment statements and customer revenue statements & log of customer support requests & resolutions.
  • 4). We will give you an estimate of our valuation. Once you agree to the valuation, we will sign a letter of intent.
  • 5). Our friendly acquisition managers will complete standard due diligence. We will prepare and send you an Asset Purchase Agreement.
  • 6). You can sign and send it back. We will send you payment and you send us login/password of all panels. You will also inform all customers to contact us for billing and technical support. You will stay with us for migration support for 6 months.

Important Acquisition Video:

4-Step Process To Sell Your Business

Step-1: NDA & Acquisition Basics Consultation - (ABC) Call Our experienced Acquisition Manager will speak with business owner about acquisition process and sign Non-Disclosure Agreement. We will explain the timeline, valuation parameters & steps to quickly complete acquisition. We might discuss the following items:

History of the company - who started it, how was it grown, how were clients acquired, sales and marketing strategy - leads generation and follow-up

History of the promoter - educational background, career background

History of team members - How many team members worked earlier - their profile - their contribution

Staff turnover - Why staff members are leaving, their roles, their expectations

Sponsors - who are the local sponsor, who is the agent - cost and managing relationship with sponsors

Who can manage after a business is acquired -

Customer expectations - billing processes, how are bills issues, how is payment collected - exact process used

Technical support: What type of technical issues are regularly encountered, how is the support requested by the customer, how is the support provided

Banking and accounts management

owner's role after the acquisition

Pricing of different products and services - how is the pricing decided, what is included

Current vendors for hosting, domain - send their invoices

We will need the following information for the next step:

  • 1). 3-Years audited financial statements, bank statements, tax statements.
  • 2). Detailed Renewal Information for next 12 months.
  • 3). Last 12 months invoices from domain, hosting providers.
  • 4). Resume of team members with organization chart
  • 5). Record of support requests over the last 6 months

Step-2: LoI & Due Diligence Preparation Call - DDP Call

We will study all information and give you our Financial Offer. Once you accept the offer, we will prepare & send Letter Of Intent (LoI). Our acquisition manager will speak with you about due-diligence process, valuation, offer price and payment terms.

Step-3: APA & Business Transition Call - BTC Call

Once you agree LoI and allow us to complete due diligence, we will prepare & send Asset Purchase Agreement - APA. You will sign APA, we will send payment and we will speak with you to discuss Transition of billing/technical support processes from your company to our team. You will handover login/password of all servers, domain panels & inform your customers that business has been taken-over by CGS Group.

Valuation Parameters:

Valuation of hosting/design companies is done as per globally accepted standards and processes. Following links & approximate formula gives accurate idea of valuing your business as per accepted standards.

Please refer to the following links to understand the valuation of website design or digital marketing business:

Essentially, fair valuation of the business is 3 Times your current net profit minus cost of managing business in your absence.

Business Acquisition Documents:

Click on the following links to review standard business acquisition document formats.

Sell Your Business Request Form

Please fill and submit the following form and our acquisition manager will contact you.