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E-learning, Internship & Global (EIG) Education Partner

CGS Infotech can provide effective guidance and result-oriented action plan for E-Learning, International Internship, Global Education & Academic Research to your students.

CGS Infotech’s senior staff member can provide following valuable solutions:

1) Customized E-Learning Plan:

As there are thousands of E-learning programs, it is difficult for students to select the most relevant e-learning program track. CGS Infotech staff member will provide most relevant e-learning plan based on student’s aptitude and skills.

Customized E-learning plan will include following:

  1. We will select and recommend best e-learning module for students.
  2. Our e-learning experts will call students and ensure that they take their video classes, complete assignments. They will give valuable feedback to students in achieving effective results.
  3. Students will receive encouragement and support to complete their chosen class.

2) Internship Projects:

We will present valuable internship projects opportunities from companies based in North America. Students will learn valuable technical skills & get higher level of confidence by working on live internship projects.

3) Global Education:

Those students who are interested in going abroad for studies can access our global network, our knowledge resources and support for their future career plans.

4) Academic Research & Innovation:

We can also assist interested students and professors in creating new research and innovative solutions to address the critical problems.

Following are the next steps to help your students in acquiring new skills & vision:

  1. Complete application form and receive confirmation as CGS Infotech’s Educational Partner for E-Learning, Internship and Global Education.
  2. Appoint one or two coordinators in your educational institution for e-learning, internship and global education.
  3. Ask interested students to fill-up an online form to apply for available opportunities in e-learning, internship & global education. Our experts will view student’s profiles and assign projects that best matches their skills & interests.



Global Education:

Academic Research:



Awesome Innovation:


Technology Projects:

  • 2.1     Web-based software development.
  • 2.2     Mobile apps development.
  • 2.3     Website development.
  • 2.4     Video Commercial development.
  • 2.5     Digital Branding Project.
  • 2.6     Social Media Campaign Management.
  • 2.7     Cloud Computing Project.
  • 2.8     Virtual Reality - 360 degree Shooting and Apps development.
  • 2.9     IoT Projects.
  • 2.10   Augmented Reality Projects.

Business Projects:

  • 2.11     Analyzing companies for mergers and acquisitions. Handling live M & A Projects.
  • 2.12     Planning and managing advertising and marketing campaign.
  • 2.13     Managing effective customer communication & customer support.
  • 2.14     Planning HR, Recruitment and Training Project.
  • 2.15     Vendor Selection, Vendor Management & Negotiation Project.
  • 2.16     Distance Learning & Govt. Policy Intervention Projects.
  • 2.17     Event Planning, Event Management Projects.
  • 2.18     Press Release and Brand Building Campaigns.
  • 2.19     Email Campaign Design. Email Marketing & Email Management Projects.
  • 2.20     Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Technology Consulting Projects.
  • 2.21     Preparing effective presentation. Delivering presentations. Managing Results.
  • 2.22     Company Analysis. Stock Market Investing. Meeting Promoters.
  • 2.23     Stock Market Listing. SEBI Compliance.
  • 2.24     Creating and managing Digital Branding Projects.
  • 2.25     Creating and managing E-commerce & website development projects.