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Creation and Customization of Your FBML Landing Tab
Illuminating your Facebook fanpage will target your audience and bring them to your page. Just being on Facebook doesn’t mean that you will generate an audience. You must be the master in your niche and the best landing spot for viewers. The landing page is what determines your quality and what attracts the visitors. Let’s create the perfect fanpage with all the enthusiasm that will get you noticed. Uniquely customized FBML landing tabs will do the trick!
Order Facebook Landing Page
1.2 The Creation of Your Facebook Landing Page - A Landing Page with Theme Insite
  Use Facebook Markup language (FBML) to customize your landing page making a unique attraction for visitors
Landing page content writing included
Facebook landing page themes that are customized based on your needs/ promotion / event.
Landing page videos making a “real” person there
Final report with source code of the landing page
Get five landing page designs for a lifetime with our custom landing page deal. Our designers create five landing page designs. Each design includes your company’s promos and discounts. You can have it completed at any time.
  Service Code: FBLAND
Rate : $49
Landing page with theme insite (1 Revision) ($49)
Custom designed landing page (3 Revisions) ($125)
Five Custom Landing Page Deal ($500)
Generating a Following Takes the Best Introduction
When you have created a welcoming fanpage with interesting, informative updates you have specialized yourself in the niche and separated yourself from your competitors. With a warm welcome you will generate a following. Facebook users are looking for that landing page that generates exactly what they want. This is why it is vital to custom tab your fanpages with the FB Markup Language (FBML) and create the very best FB landing page imaginable.
Welcome your Facebook fans with Promotional Giveaways, Special Offers, New Product,
Promotional Coupons, Service Launchs or Your portfolio
Facebook makes the task of New product/service launches and promotional giveaways simple. One simple step and your interesting FB wall update links directly back to your site. However, this is just one step of your FB promotion. You have the perfect spot to display information - you Facebook landing page.
Your customized FB landing tab will highlight all your giveaways, discounts and promotions permanently with no stops. The advantage? When FB users land on your landing page they will see your promotions and your informative content and be interested driving traffic to your website.
It is simple to generate a following with custom landing tabs. Freebies attract everyone, as well as discounts, it is simply human nature.
With having your company’s service portfolio or product gallery in your Facebook landing tab you generate a huge gathering of traffic to your site from the fanpage.
The Fan-Only Sections
Freebies and discounts do attract visitors…and repeat visitors. This is something that is quite natural. At FBO we can ensure that every viewer of your fanpage becomes a fan. FBO can create fan-only sections that show discounts, offers, downloads, coupons and gift vouchers that will are revealed when the viewer becomes a fan of your Facebook page.
Welcome your fans to your Facebook page with custom tabs
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